Un-Problematic Problems

I’m sick of people trying to solve my problems, that aren’t really problems. When anyone does this, I block them out because I’m mad or its awkward talking to them. It takes months for me to feel normal around them and sometimes the people who do it are my best friends. It bothers me because they’re basically pointing out problems about the choices I’ve made in life that I wasn’t aware of, or I didn’t think were problems at all. Plus, who said it was any of their business? I know a lot of the people who do it care about me, and thats the whole point of why they’re pointing out my problems. But, still its personal. Has anyone ever done that to you?

I think you viewers deserve a story to really understand my hulk rampage on the problem solvers. Someone once took me out of a room., telling me I was being to loud. Then wouldn’t let me go outdoors to BE LOUD. Can someone explain the logic to me? Because I seriously don’t understand. Then afterward she explained. She told me she just didn’t want me to get involved with the people I was talking to. But get this, I was talking to my friends when she pulled me out of the room! Who does that?! My friends my choice. It’s like a human right.

Still Seething,

Your irritable holiday honey 🍂


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The One Upper

The one upper was a highly requested subject when I asked people what they would like me to post. So here it goes. The one upper is the person who always has to be on top. They feel the need to be better than everyone. Some people like to call them “Green Eyes” or “Jealousy Monster”. Some people don’t even know they are a one upper, they sit there completely unaware while showing you up. But, the worst kind have to be the people who know they’re doing it. The people that seem to be out there just to make you feel terrible. To  ruin the existence of all that is you. This is one of the most popular roots of a deep, fiery, hatred toward someone. I may sound a small bit melodramatic at the moment,  but that does not mean I’m not stating the truth. Just in case you don’t know what I’m referring to, imagine this. You’re working on a big project you’re very proud of, then you bring it into work/school and see that someones project is almost exactly the same but, has a different font or picture. Then you come to a sudden realization you told this person the idea for your project a week ago. Or, the more common one upper. You drew a picture that you’re proud of and then you tell someone. They pull out their picture and say, “Oh, I did that but I used a different pencil so it looks better.” Can you see how this would make me mad? Comment below your stories on one uppers, or a suggestion for a piece.

Listening to your Suggestions,

Your irritable holiday honey🍉

The Different Ones

I’d like to send a shoutout to the people out there that are walking against the flow of stereotypes. The people that do not own a single piece of clothing from Abecrombie or Vineyard Vines. Because being different makes the world exciting. Why does everyone always have to spend so much money on dressing right? What about making your own style. The world makes me mad, because everyone who’s popular is a model person for some people. And some of the popular people out there aren’t that awesome. They won’t differ from the crowd. Meghan Trainors new song “Close Your Eyes” is inspiring. Give it a listen, then tell me what you think. Remember to comment!

Stay different,

-your irritable holiday honey🌟

That One Person

Does anyone have that one person in your school/job/life that gets everything they want, without having to work at it? I recently had a friend tell me she knows someone that has an extreme case of “that one person” disease. She told me this person acts clueless to get their way. The story is, the girl gets away with everything, assignments, responsibilities, almost anything in life other people have to work at. Apparently she thinks sports are disgusting, so she does dance instead. The funny thing is, all the dancers I know, believe their form of exercise is harder than football. And judging by all the dance classes I participated in for my friends, I agree with them. Therefore,(in my opinion) the enemy needs a whop on the head with a reality stick. Does anyone know where I could find one? Remember to comment below!

Listening to your problems

-your irritable holiday honey🍭


I love my friends. They make me laugh, make me feel better when I don’t get asked to dance, and most of my best memories have them in it. But, I’m that friend who’s the last one you ask when you invite someone over. And I’m not happy about it. I’m always discluded and sad about one thing or another. Sure, I hate moping but can you blame me? There’s a couple girls in the friend group who can never be apart, and it drives me absolutely bonkers. They’ve never sat at different lunch tables before, and basically can’t leave each others sides. When they are in different classes, they’re not attached and are pretty normal. But when those two girls are together? I hate it! Has it ever happened to you that you’re sitting at a lunch table with you’re friends, and one of them whispers in the others ear? Then when you ask what they said, one just waves you off and says “Nothing.” This is what happens 24/7 in the friend group. I know I can’t be part of every single moment and know every single thing anyone says. But, would it kill them to tell if it was gossip? As the french say “C’est la vie”. Well, that’s life.

Goodbye for now!

– Your iratable holiday honey✌️